Chris White

Music Theorist, etc.



Here is my 2018 piece in Indiana Theory Review about meter, function, and pitch class change.

My 2018 collaboration with Ian Quinn in Music Theory Spectrum is here.

My 2018 Music Theory Online article is here.

My contribution to the 2018 ICMPC proceedings can be found here.

My collaboration with Ian Quinn in Music Perception, "Corpus-Derived Key Profiles are Not Transpositionally Equivalent" is here.

My review of Steve Rings's book is in the 2017 volume of Music Theory Spectrum. 

A copy of my poster for the International Society of Music Perception and Cognition is here, and my talk can be found in the proceedings here.

My contribution to  Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity can be found here

The materials for my presentation at the Society for Music Theory's 2015 annual meeting can be viewed here: both the presentation and the handout.

My poster for the SMT/AMS 2014 annual meeting can be found here along with supplementary material 

I am currently running a music cognition study at UMass called "A Stochastic Model of Musical Meter," an overview of which can be found here.

My 2013 contribution to Mathematics and Computation in Music looks at reducing musical surfaces into more a usable and constrained alphabet of chords and chord progressions, and my 2015 contribution shows how to use this process to analyze music.

My dissertation can be found here.

My 2014 piece in Music Perception looks at how music data from different time periods in Western Europe 1650-1900 suggest different models of tonal communication.

I also have an interest in the music and world-view of Alexander Scriabin. I have a video relating his musical choices to the numerologies and mystical geometries theorized by his theosophic influences.



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